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We are new. We are Fun. We accept all. But We prefer those who are loyal.
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Kangei! Welcome!
Welcome to Defend Our Lands. We are a good, nice guild whom accepts all. Currently, Our Ragnarok Server is TalonRO. Originally, it was regalRO, but that RO is no more. Sadly. But don't fear. We're friendly, helpful, and all new. If you wish for information, just ask any of the Councilmen, or myself. You're leader.
Soup of The Day !

I'm sorry.

QueenOfOwls, Jun 1, 12 6:44 PM.
I'm sorry for not being on guys. I've been dealing with the heat and other things currently. I will be on a lot more now though since I decided not to go to the girl scouts' camp... And I'm not to sure about the other two camps either. So my summer will be open, thus i will be putting more time into the guild. Again, sorry for the absents..


Event Ideas

QueenOfOwls, May 22, 12 3:32 AM.
    It seems like people want to do an event for the guild. I have noticed everyone isn't on the same time. So, to make it even I'll have to have an event one day for those who are online, and one for those who aren't. For the Event idea, I use to always start off with a pair Dice event. This was every popular with the guildies of the last Defendourlands. We had a few other events we would do, like Abaracada, but we'd need to be on a PvP map for that. And a professor. But I have a sage, so I'm working on a professor.
    Before we can actually DO events though, We need to find a guild hang out. and it can't be Jawaii because that's already a guild hangout. Personally, I prefer we had a place with a beach. I'll look for a place we can use.
   So for now, lets try to level the guild, and look for a place we can have out guild meeting/event/hang out place. Deal?

                        Your Guild Leader,
                                    Queen Kanbi-Chou

New and Approved!

QueenOfOwls, May 15, 12 11:27 PM.
We are new, And approved. It took me some time to do this. But once I started getting the hang of it all again, I redid the entire site. My friend helped with the background. Since the guild emblem is Red and White, I did the site to match along side it. It's 5/15/2012, I made this site in 2011. And sadly forgot i had it. But not this time. I will remember to update it daily. And I hope we can have members like we once did.

~You're Leader

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